Teaching myself a little ASP.NET over the weekend.  Surprisingly vanilla ASP.NET seems to lack a lot of modern features found in other web frameworks.  I ended up running into the ASP.NET MVC preview and installed that.  So far I’m liking it.  There are a few rough edges I need to sort out.  I think I’m missing something because there has to be easier way to link up LINQ and web forms for CRUD operations.  I really like the LINQ syntax, it’s so damn intuitive.  Funny because it vaguely reminds me a lot of a quick Python framework I built around DBSlayer for my senior project.  Of course I still had to write SQL to get that working.

I’m well on my way with a Hello World 2.0 (Blog).  I feel lame writing a blog to learn the language, but it’s a well defined application and lets me focus on the code. 🙂  While I’m finding the MVC framework to be a major bonus, there’s still a lot of auto-generated .NET boiler plate all over the place.  Definitely not as lean as some other modern frameworks, but hey it’s ASP.

I think MVC Preview 2 was just released so there’s not a ton of information out there.  Scott Hanselman has some really helpful screencasts.  There’s also a helpful tutorial that got me started at ASPAlliance.

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