Book Reviews

Database Modeling Made Simple

I read this book as a primer to some more in depth titles. I was looking for a quick overview of the entity relationship model and this book served that purpose. I wanted something I could read and comprehend quickly over a weekend. The book is 144 pages and includes some simple exercises. I do wish the author had gone a little more into denormalization.

3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development

This semester I had a course in interactive computer graphics. Prior to the course I wanted to brush up on some of my trig and linear algebra skills. I read this book during the course of a vacation and was overall pretty happy with it. The author starts out with a good sense of humor, but the book loses that humor pretty quickly. Still, the content was pretty good and the provided exercises were extremely helpful.

Mathematics for 3D Game Programing & Computer Graphics

As per my usual approach, the previous book was meant to provide an overview. I bought this book with the intention of getting a little deeper into the math. Unfortunately I didn’t make it very far. The book has absolutely no personality. I felt like the entire book was just a set of bullet points with equations. I guess it just didn’t suit my learning style.

*NOTE: Neither of the graphics books had any content in direct relation to games outside of the math… I wonder how many extra copies get sold if you put “Game Development” in the title.

Operating Systems

This book is big, typical for a Deitel book. Weighing in at 1209 pages, I avoided taking it to class. However it has one major difference from the majority of Deitel books… It’s actually enjoyable to read! The material is presented really well and the code samples are crystal clear. There are a lot of neat little tidbits that help break up the material as well.

I have a number of books on deck at the moment, but not sure which I’m going to dig into next. Probably another book on databases to supplement Database Modeling Made Simple.

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