Mad Dash to read as much as I can before I graduate

I enjoy school in a lot of regards, it has been and continues to be a life altering experience. However, I feel like the academic world just doesn’t understand what businesses are looking for these days. Last spring I read Code Complete and How To Win Friends & Influence People. Where are the courses on software development best practices? Where are the courses on creating lasting business relationships? In my Computer Science 2 class I had a really good professor. He was constantly dropping tidbits of hard earned knowledge. Universities need to make a push for more of that.

There are so many books I currently want to sink my teeth into in order to better myself as a programmer. In particular I want to read Rapid Development and Writing Secure Code. As of late I’ve been tasked with writing a small application as part of an internship contest. Since this project will be read by other people, I feel I have a duty to provide clear documentation. Any recommendations on books for writing software specs/documentation?

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